Our Services

The County Auditor's Office consists of four service groups; Compliance Auditing, Performance Auditing, Construction Auditing and Advisory and Information Technology Services. While organizationally distinct, groups typically collaborate to effectively provide the highest level of service. A brief description of each group's primary service follows:

Compliance audits focus on conformity with relevant policies, procedures, laws, regulations or, in the case of contract audits, compliance of terms and conditions with the agreements. Compliance auditing includes:

  • Reviewing processes to evaluate conformance with established policies and procedures,  
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and applicability of internal controls,
  • Providing recommendations to the Board to improve and enhance the County’s internal controls,
  • Reviewing County policies, procedures and practices to identify recommendations for improvement, and,
  • Evaluating compliance with terms and conditions of county contracts with particular emphasis on the financial aspects of the agreements.