Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department

115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 329A-B, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Fax: 954-357-8655
Email: EPGMDCitizenInquires@broward.org

Director: 954-357-6613
Deputy Director: 954-357-6602
Assistant to the Director: 954-357-6638
Executive Assistant: 954-357-6612
Enforcement Administrator: 954-519-1211
Environmental Complaints/24-Hour Emergency Response: 954-519-1499

See individual listings for the following Divisions:
Animal Care and Adoption Division: 954-359-1313
Emergency Management: 954-831-3900
Housing Finance and Community Development: 954-357-4900
Natural Resources Planning and Management: 954-519-1270
Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting: 954-765-5081
Planning and Redevelopment: 954-357-6666/954-357-6634
Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality: 954-519-1260