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Death Certificates

Death Investigation Reports

Declaration of Domicile

Deeds, Recording

Demographic Information


Disabled, Emergency Preparedness

Disabled, Transportation

Disaster Preparedness

Disposal, Unwanted Medication (PDF)

Diversity, Celebrating

Divorce Certificates (Not a service of the Broward County Commission)

Documents, Recording

Domestic Partnerships

Drug Abuse, Treatment of

Economic and Small Business Development, Office of

Economic Research

Elderly and Veterans Services

Elections, Supervisor of (Not an agency of the Broward County Commission)

Elevator, License and Permit Search

Emerald Award

Emergency Management

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council, Broward (an advisory board to the Broward County Commission)

Emergency Preparedness

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Benefits

Employee Development


Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy Efficient Vehicles

Enterprise Resource Planning 

Enterprise Technology Services

Environmental Awards Programs

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division

Environmental Protection and Growth Management

Environmental Violations

ENVIROS (Environmental Inquiry and Resource System)

Equal Opportunity


Extension Education

Facilities Management

Facilities, Rental

Family Services

Family Success Administration

Family Success Centers


Fictitious Names

Finance and Administrative Services

Financial Assistance, Emergency

Fire Code Contacts in Broward County

Fire Rescue (Not an agency of the Broward County Commission)

Fleet Services

Florida Department of Health, in Broward County (Not a service of the Broward County Commission)

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Four H (4-H) Club

Garbage Pickup (Unincorporated Area)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Global Positioning System (GPS) Data

Golf Facilities

Governmental Relations

Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Green Government