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Health Care Services

Highway and Bridge Maintenance

Highway Construction and Engineering

Historical Commission

HIV/AIDS Support Services

Homeless Services  

Homestead Exemptions (Not a service of the Broward County Commission) 


Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program

Housing, Developer Services

Housing Finance and Community Development

Housing, Finance Authority

Housing, Financial Assistance Program

Housing, First-Time Homebuyer Program

Housing, Foreclosure Prevention Programs

Housing, Homebuyer Services

Housing, Homeowner Services

Housing, Lender Services

Human Resources

Human Services   

Hurricane Evacuation Map and Shelter Locations

Hurricane Home Damage Assessment Program

Hurricane Preparedness

Inspector General (Not a service of the Broward County Commission)

Integrated Water Resource Plan

Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards, Office of

Invoice Procedures for County Service Providers

Job Descriptions

Kids Club

Know the Flow

Land Development Code

Land Stewardship

Land Use


Landscaping, Florida-Friendly

Legislative Delegation (Not a service of the Broward County Commission)

Librarian, Ask a


Library Card Application

License, Auto Body/Paint Shops and Regulation

License, Auto Repair Shops and Regulation

License, Chauffeur/Hack Registration

License, Child Care Facility

License, Contractor

License, Driver's (Not a service of the Broward County Commission)

License, Elevator and Permit Search

License, Elevators

Licenses, Fishing and Hunting

License, Kosher Food Sellers

License, Movers

License, Tree Trimmer

License, Vehicle for Hire

Licensing, Marine Facility Operator

Licensing, Environmental

Licensing, Marine Facility Operator (PDF)


Limousine/Taxicab Permits

Living Wage Ordinance