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Parking Facility License

Parking facilities can attract enough automobiles, trucks, buses, etc., to contribute to high concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), an air pollutant and poisonous gas emitted by motor vehicles. Exposure to CO may also cause visual impairment and reduce work capacity, learning abilities, and performance. The health threat is more serious for those who suffer from cardiovascular or heart diseases. Parking lots or facilities are associated with shopping malls/centers, sport complexes, housing and office developments, airports, industrial parks, etc.

A parking facility license is required for the following
  • Any facility or group of facilities with a design or use capacity of four hundred (400) or more parking spaces, in selected areas of the county, such as Downtown Fort. Lauderdale, that will result in the degradation or exceedance of the NAAQS as determined by Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (EPGMD).
  • Any facility or group of facilities that exceed fifteen hundred (1500) parking spaces for a single level parking lot.
  • Any facility or group of facilities that exceed seven hundred and fifty (750) spaces for a parking garage or multi-level parking.
  • Any facility or group of facilities that exceed one thousand (1000) parking spaces for a combination of single level and multi- level.
  • For any modification of existing parking facilities that will increase the facility to a design or use capacity over the above established thresholds.
The application process 
  1.  Complete a Parking Facility Application for Review which describes the project. 
  2. The applicant will submit an Air Quality Impact Study after the Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department determines that a license will be required. Note: the report must be consistent with latest version of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's "Guidelines for Evaluating the Air Quality Impacts of Indirect Sources," and the Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 27, Article IV, Section 27-176, (page 36).
  3. A license is issued upon review of the Air Quality Impact Study report when no exceedances of the CO National Ambient Air Quality Standard are forecasted through the air quality modeling. The license fee is $1200, which is required upon approval of the license.
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