South Perimeter Road Closed

South Perimeter Road Is Closed

The Broward County Aviation Department has closed the south entrance to the airport at the intersection of Griffin and Perimeter Roads. The closure is in preparation for the South Runway Expansion Project. This is a long term closure expected to last until late 2014.

View a larger version of the Map for the Perimeter Road Closure (PDF).
The 1.7 mile section of Perimeter Road isclosed from SW 43rd Street on the west side of the airport to the roundabout on the east side of the airport. This section of roadway isclosed to all vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic. Access to the west side of the airport is available through Ravenswood Road and Lee Wagener Boulevard.

The closure will enable engineers and construction crews to prepare for the bridge structures. The structures areapart of the runway expansion that will extend over Perimeter Road, the Florida East Coast Railway, and US Highway 1. This closure is necessary to ensure the safety of construction workers building the runway.

Access to the Cell Phone Waiting Area, located under the main entrance roadway to the airport, will be available from the north. As you enter the airport on the main entrance roadway, follow the signs to the Cell Phone Waiting Area. The Cell Phone Waiting Area will no longer be accessible from the south side of the airport (Griffin Road) during this closure.

The road is expected to reopen at the completion of the South Runway Expansion Project at the end of 2014.