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North Runway to Close for Upgrades

Phase Two Taxiway A Work Underway

Taxiway A improvements are currently underway. This preliminary rehabilitation work started in late March. 

Updated: May 1, 2019

Runway’s roots date back to World War II era 

FLL's north runway (10L-28R) will undergo significant rehabilitation this year and will be closed to aircraft traffic starting in early June. Preliminary taxiway construction began in late March to kick off the multimillion-dollar project. 

As FLL's primary and longest runway, 10L-28R can trace its roots back to 1943 when it was built by the U.S. Navy during World War II when the airport served a Naval Training base.

Starting at midnight on June 3, the 9,000-foot long runway will close for up to four months. All flights will use the south runway during this rehabilitation project.

The rehabilitation work will include replacing the runway's 75-foot center portion with concrete to extend its life from 15 years to 30; repaving of its sides with asphalt, and electrical, signage and drainage systems upgrades. Additionally, taxiways upgrades will feature more modern and efficient designs, and the FAA will update runway status lights among other improvements. 

During the closure period, residents east and west of the south runway may experience increased noise. This situation, however, will return to normal conditions once the north runway reopens.  

Updated: May 1, 2019




• Project Awarded: February 26, 2019 
• Phase 2 Taxiway A Work Begins: March 25, 2019 
• Phase 3 Runway Closure: June 3, 2019, for up to four months (estimated completion) 
• Phase 4 Taxiway B&C Work: October 2019 to March 2020 
• Overall Project Completion: March 2020 (estimated completion) 


• Total project budget: $90 million 
• Locally planned, designed and constructed 
• 15 subcontractors/150-200 workers during runway closure 


• Technical Questions: Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) Project Manager, 954-359-6973 
• Aircraft Noise Comments: Noise Hotline 866-822-7910 
• BCAD Public Information Officer: 954-359-6116 or 

Updated: March 22, 2019