TIP Application

Tenant Improvement Projects

Submitting the Tenant Improvement Project (TIP) Application begins the review process for any modification, construction, or renovation project proposed by a primary tenant at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The Application provides tenant, project and contact information to Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) staff and the Project Review Committee (PRC).
BCAD Directors and the Broward County Fire Marshall comprise the PRC. The PRC will review the application during a 10-day comment period. They will respond with comments and approve or not approve the project. 
To help the TIP process, we strongly suggest the primary tenant discuss the project with a BCAD Airport Manager or Assistant Property Manager before completing the Application. This person will determine if project plans, photos, location maps, etc. should go along with the Application. For any projects that a subtenant proposes, the primary tenant must provide their subtenant information in the Application.  
Open and complete the TIP Application (PDF). The submit button at the bottom forwards it to staff who will coordinate the request for PRC’s review.