FLL AmbassaDogs


This is a volunteer program where therapy dogs and handlers will roam the terminals visiting passengers awaiting flights. Handlers will supervise the dogs and provide airport information to travelers.

As traveling can create stress and anxieties at airports, FLL AmbassaDogs is an opportunity to enhance the customer’s experience, providing stress relief, and comfort to passengers through interaction with pets.

Passengers will love seeing warm, wet noses, and wagging tails that will create a friendly, positive experience at FLL.

 AmbassaDogs and their handlers



Certification and Training 

All AmbassaDogs must be certified Therapy Dogs. Each handler will go through FLL classroom and terminal training to learn about FLL. They will learn how to assist passengers. In addition, handlers will go through a background check, be fingerprinted and badged.  


Certified AmbassaDogs  

Dog’s Name Handler’s Name Registration Organization
Gypsy Kyra Therapy Dogs Inc.
Janga Harryette Therapy Dogs Inc.
Joy Jana Therapy Dogs Inc.
Mikey Linda and Bob Share-A-Pet
Penny Donna Share-A-Pet
Tiffany Ella Share-A-Pet
Kelley Ed and Shelly Therapy Dogs International
Josey Charlene Share-A-Pet
Scout Erica Share-A-Pet
Katie Cindy Therapy Dogs Inc.
Storm Barbara Share-A-Pet
Gizmo Cindy Therapy Dogs Inc.
Candy   Jana Therapy Dogs Inc.
Whisper Shelli Therapy Dogs Inc.
Yogi Kim Share–A-Pet


Application Process 

1. Complete the FLL AmbassaDogs Dog Handler Application (PDF) and submit it online.  

2. Print and complete the Parking Card Application (PDF), and Request for Criminal Background Information (PDF). 

3. Email as attachments or mail the Parking Card Application and Criminal Background forms to:




FLL AmbassaDogs
Broward County Aviation Department
Attn: Tawana Guthrie
2200 S.W. 45th Street, Suite 101
Dania Beach, FL 33312 


For additional information, contact fllambassadogs@broward.org.​