FLL AmbassaDogs



Passengers love seeing warm, wet noses, and wagging tails at FLL that create a friendly, positive airport experience.
Introduced in 2013, FLL AmbassaDogs are volunteer therapy dog and handler teams who roam terminals and concourses visiting passengers awaiting flights.
Air travel is often stressful, and a therapy dog at the airport may provide comfort to passengers preparing for a flight. Studies find that interacting with a therapy dog has numerous benefits to human health and well-being. Simply petting a dog can lower people’s blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety. 

​Certification and Training

AmbassaDogs are certified Therapy Dogs, and their handlers complete classroom and in-terminal training to learn about FLL. Handlers comply with their registering agencies’ policies and procedures, as well as airport volunteer policies and procedures. Handlers submit to a background check, are fingerprinted, and badged.

AmbassaDog Teams 

Dog’s Name​ ​Handler Registration Organization
​Mikey ​Linda and Bob  ​Share-A-Pet
​Tiffany          ​Ella ​Share-A-Pet
​Kelley          ​Ed ​Therapy Dogs International
​Scout            ​Erica ​Share-A-Pet
​Katie      ​Cindy ​Therapy Dogs Inc.
​Gizmo ​Cindy ​Therapy Dogs Inc.
​A.J.         ​Lisa ​Therapy Dogs Inc.
​Aleph     ​Laurel and Dana ​Therapy Dogs Inc.
Each team works one weekly shift of one to two hours at an assigned terminal.









Application Process 

1. Complete the FLL AmbassaDogs Dog Handler Application (PDF) and submit it online.  

2. Print and complete these form: 

Request for Background Information (PDF)
Background Investigation Disclosure (PDF)
Parking Card Request (PDF)
Parking Hangtag Application (PDF)

3. Email the completed forms as attachments to Fllambassadogs@broward.org

Or mail them to:


FLL AmbassaDogs
Broward County Aviation Department
2200 S.W. 45th Street, Suite 101
Dania Beach, FL 33312 


For additional information, contact fllambassadogs@broward.org.​