Everyday Heroes




FLL Cares and Recognizes Everyday Heroes 

The Everyday Heroes Recognition Program recognizes and rewards employee performance excellence. It also provides effective positive reinforcement aligned with the FLL guest experience culture. Each month up to five employees, who have exceeded the airport’s customer service standards, will be recognized. Airport representatives nominates employees based on  behaviors/interactions or information submitted by an airport guest.
 Congratulations to the following employees for being selected as Everyday Heroes during March and April 2017.


Viveen Persaud - Caribbean Airlines (Airlines)

Viveen Persaud has always been a person with a big heart and always looking after others wellbeing. Viveen realized that there was a gentleman in a wheelchair moving around Terminal 4 for many days. She decided to find out his situation and ask how she could help him. The airport guest had been living in the airport since January 2017 and was confined to a wheelchair due to being a double amputee. He let Viveen know that he had a sister in Houston. She found her number and called. The guest’s sister was totally shocked and unaware of his condition and happy that her brother was alive. She however had no way of getting him to Houston.

After that Viveen made the move. She approached the Caribbean Airlines team and some other people and collected money to purchase a ticket for him to Houston. This took two days. The restaurant Cross Grain team provided him with lunch for the first day and the Caribbean Airlines Team fed him the next day. The airport guest was sent to Houston via Spirit Airlines on the morning of April 4th. He was very happy to leave and thanked everyone. Viveen contacted his sister and she confirmed that they are together once again and the family is complete.



Miguel Penafiel  - Airserv Corp (Airlines)

Two elderly guests approached Karolynn Willman, BCAD, as she walked through Terminal 3, upper level. Both guests were having difficulty walking and moving along with their luggage. They were flying out on American Airlines, but knew they could not walk the full length of the terminal and asked for assistance. They were exhausted and kept apologizing for requesting help. As she turned around to look for wheelchairs, Miguel Penafiel, with Airserv Corp was standing nearby. He was busy assisting guests with questions and helping others with their luggage. Miguel was being pulled in every direction by guests needing assistance, but always kept a smile on his face.

Karolynn approached Miguel to ask him for the wheelchair and explained the situation. Miguel did not hesitate to offer his assistance. He observed the guests standing, looking fragile, and he jumped right in to assist. He had the guests sit down in the wheelchairs, took their luggage and talked to them in a calm and understanding voice. The guests were relieved to find someone who was willing to push them in a wheelchair to their ticket counter. Miguel handled the situation with superior customer service skills and made the guests feel cared for and comfortable. As Karolynn answered other guest’s questions, she observed Miguel assisting the guests to their ticket counter and then he came quickly back to his station. Miguel is a shining example of an FLL Every Day Hero

Jo Wiacek - HMS Host (Concessions)

Jo received multiple guest compliments which is consistent with her daily performance.  She stands out on a regular basis. Here are two compliments. 
"Great service from waitress Jo at Landshark restaurant in FLL airport. She went above and beyond to provide fantastic service!" "Awesome service from waitress, Jo, working at the Landshark Restaurant in the Fort Lauderdale airport, gave us superb customer service, anticipating our every need."

Regina Cruz and Rena Arnold - Delaware North (Concessions)

Feedback from an airport guest:
I just wanted to compliment the professionalism that your staff showed at the Chili’s in Terminal 3 at the Fort Lauderdale airport during the January 6th incident. My wife and I were at the bar when the initial incident occurred and the bar staff did a great job keeping everyone up-to-date on what was going on. I especially want to thank the manager of the restaurant.
When TSA came running down the walkway telling everyone to get down, she immediately went to the front gate. They waved a few people inside including a woman with a stroller, then rolled down and locked the gate. She then got everyone out the emergency exit in the back of the kitchen in a calm and orderly manner. My wife and I are extremely grateful to all the staff that helped us evacuate safely that day - please pass our sincere thanks to your staff.

Michael Thomas - Keolis Transit America, Inc (Ground Transportation and Parking)

Michael Thomas was nominated after an email was received from a guest. Ms. S. wanted to express her appreciation to the shuttle driver that assisted her after parking in the Airport Economy Parking.  Ms. S. explained the "driver was very courteous and efficient. He was very pleasant to everyone that boarded the bus. My only regret was that in my rushing to get off-I didn't wish him a Happy Holiday season." Thank you Mr. Thomas for ensuring our airport guests have a wonderful experience here at FLL.

Nigel Olton - Keolis Transit America, Inc. (Ground Transportation and Parking)

Nigel Olton was nominated after an email from an Airport guest. The guest had traveled through FLL on one of our rainy Florida afternoons. The guest was standing in the ground transportation area waiting for the Economy Parking Shuttle to arrive. The skies opened up and down poured rain on everyone in sight. The guests were moved to the inner curb to protect them from the weather.

The email went on to explain how Mr. Olton, a Keolis shuttle driver, was quick to assist. He helped everyone to get out of the rain and then he moved all the luggage from the rain to the shuttle. Mr. Olton helped each guest onto the shuttle. In the guest’s own words, "He was so nice, and helped everyone to calm down and assured us he would get us to the lot." Nigel is very customer focused and takes his job seriously.

He understands customer service that helps our guests have an easy and enjoyable experience at FLL. He truly believes it is an important part of FLL’s promise to our guests.