Everyday Heroes




FLL Cares and Recognizes Everyday Heroes 

The Everyday Heroes Recognition Program recognizes and rewards employee performance excellence. It also provides effective positive reinforcement aligned with the FLL guest experience culture. Each month up to five employees, who have exceeded the airport’s customer service standards, will be recognized. Airport representatives nominates employees based on  behaviors/interactions or information submitted by an airport guest.
 Congratulations to the following employees for being selected as Everyday Heroes during June 2016.

Stephanie Dorcelus – Air Canada

Stephanie truly cares for our passengers at Air Canada. She simply treats them exceptionally. Below is a story from the newspaper that illustrates how she created a lifelong customer for us in return.

Air Canada worker salvaged our trip...Good service is not dead!

Thank you, Stephanie Dorcelus from Air Canada at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. You rescued us on April 5 from losing a day on a lifetime dream vacation. Stephanie showed us that there are good people out there who take pride in their work and give their most for customer satisfaction. We arrived early for our dream trip to find that the flight we had to London via Montreal had a glitch. Stephanie who was at the end of her shift stayed at least an extra hour to help us find a way to make a connection. We had a limo ride to the Miami airport so we could connect in Toronto and make our London arrival the same day. Hats off to Stephanie. 

Read the full story in the Sun-Sentinel at http://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/letters/fl-letter-service-0501-20160505-story.html.​

​Marie Singleton – Delaware North

On Friday 6/17/16, Marie was conducting training in Terminal 4. During a break she observed an employee from another company standing in the hallway. The employee allowed her phone and papers to fall from her hands and didn't notice. Marie observed that the employee seemed distant and off balance. She assisted the employee down and into a recovery position. The employee was having what appeared to be a seizure. Marie provided basic first responder care and directed others to call for rescue.


Marie stayed with the employee until rescue arrived. She kept the employee safe and got her the medical attention she needed. Marie also did it in such a manner to help the employee keep her dignity. Marie's awareness of her surroundings and ability to take quick and decisive action prevented what could have been a newsworthy event and made it a hiccup in an otherwise pleasant day.

Deputy James Powell – BSO

On May 30, 2016 Deputy James Powell was on duty when he realized he had seen the same person in Terminal 4 for several days and inquired if he was okay. Deputy Powell discovered that the gentlemen was stranded without any money to get back home to Mississippi. His next retirement check would not be in his bank account until June 22.
Deputy Powell then contacted several service agencies and was able to find a shelter that would take the guest and help him get home. On May 31, 2016 Deputy Powell gave him a ride to the shelter and on the way there took him to Ernie's BBQ restaurant and bought him lunch. The guest in his email stated ‘his Guardian Angel appeared to him on May 30th and it was James Powell and God Bless noble people like him’.


​Robinson Ducasse – SP Plus Parking

On June 17, 2016 the Manager of Guest Experience observed something that made her smile. A young lady was crying. She struggled to push her mother in a wheelchair and pull a large suitcase through the Hibiscus Garage. Mr. Ducasse, an employee with SP Plus Parking, noticed her struggling and offered to assist. He pushed the wheelchair to Terminal 2, where he could have left them to figure out the rest. Instead he escorted them into the elevator and up to the ticket counter. The young lady offered to give him some money for assisting. Robinson refused and said he was just doing the right thing and wanted to help.


The Manager approached to get his name and thank him for what he did. He was asked what made him decide to help since he wasn’t a skycap or worked for the airlines. He responded by saying it wasn’t about the money or working for those companies. It’s about making the customer smile. Mr. Ducasse demonstrated the importance of the guest experience. Even though he works in parking, he was willing to offer assistance outside of the parking scope. Our goal is to show our airport guests that FLL Cares and this was done through this act. I applaud Mr. Ducasse for his efforts.


​Joseph Rocky Konrath – SmarteCarte

Rocky has worked at the FLL Airport for SmarteCarte for over 20 years. He shares his knowledge of the airport with customers many times a day as he is frequently stopped and asked for directions.  At Terminal 4, I have witnessed Rocky giving directions to those folks who do not speak English. He is really good with hand signals.


Seeking out loose carts, Rocky never loses his positive manner. He always remains approachable, respectful, and friendly towards the customers and FLL employees. His fellow team values his advice. Rocky is a vital asset to SmarteCarte and to FLL. We salute him. When he retires, he will probably not be able to stay away. Let’s keep him an open seat for him at one of the information booths.

Congratulations to the following employees for being selected as Everyday Heroes during May 2016.

Maria Cheda – Southwest Airlines

Maria is someone we would love to clone! Her personality and beautiful smile are contagious! Her peers enjoy and look forward to working with her. She completes her job responsibilities with diligence and a fun loving Spirit.  Maria goes above and beyond with our customers each day. When you think of Maria, there are many opportunities that she takes to care for our customers. One recent evening, a couple missed their flight. Maria took care of them by rebooking them, talking with them and getting food and drinks as they had to overnight in the airport. This is one small example of how Maria is our everyday hero!​


Kathy Hutter - Delaware North

Kathy working as a bartender was very helpful in assisting an elderly passenger. The passenger was unaccustomed to travelling alone and was a recent widow. She had left her cell phone and medication at home. She couldn't remember anyone's phone number as they were all saved on her phone. Kathy using resources within the airport was able to connect the guest with a neighbor that was able to bring her phone and meds. 
Pictured with Mike Nonnemacher, Director of Operations (left) and Jim Srygler, Department Manager for Delaware North​


​Kathrine McDonald – TSA

In many ways Katherine McDonald exceeded the challenging requirements and expectations for the award. Her ambitions, intelligence, and accomplishments make her highly deserving of the honor bestowed by the Everyday Heroes Award. To further support this nomination, Kathrine is a winner for the Customer Service Award for April in the TSA Coordination Center. She has been observed and received positive feedback from management regarding her interactions. Kathrine arrives to work with a smile on her face ready to greet incoming guests and fellow employees. She ensures that customer requirements are handled quickly and efficiently. Day after day, Kathrine answers questions, finds information, and provides assistance. She issues and resolves problems to keep customers satisfied.
Pictured with Mike Nonnemacher, Director of Operations (left) and Douglas Notman, TSA Stakeholder Liaison Manager.


Congratulations to the following employees for being selected as Everyday Heroes during April 2016

Donna Carey – Southwest Airlines

Donna is a hard-working, sensitive, wonderful person. It is her mission to go above and beyond each day. Not just for our Customers, but to take care of her Co-workers as well. When we have team events/Culture events, she dresses up. Donna is always involved and gets our Customers involved with her contagious smile and personality! She is our baker. She will often bring in food, especially her yummy cupcakes! Donna is our Hospitality Hero. We love to nominate such a deserving person! ​


​Alicia Graham - Paradies

Recently a passenger left their passport in the CNBC store in Terminal 4. A team leader brought the passport to Alicia our bookkeeper. She realized how important this document was. Alicia could only imagine how upset the passenger would be when she realized the document was missing. Alicia tried to contact the person listed as the emergency contact in the passport, but was unsuccessful. Alicia could have given up at that point and simply have turned the passport into Lost and Found. She came up with a very innovative idea. Alicia searched Facebook. The passenger traveled to Puerto Rico and posted pictures of her trip. Alicia sent a message through Facebook. She advised the passenger that her passport was found and can pick it up at the Lost and Found Office.


​Sgt. Gerard Charles - BSO

On April 26, 2016 while working a detail in Terminal 3 Sgt. Charles observed a woman with a small child attempting to buy food items out of a vending machine who was obviously having difficulties with the machine. After he determined that the machine would not accept her money Sgt. Charles without hesitation or requests took out his own personal credit card and utilized it to buy the food items for the single mom and then refused any reimbursement from the woman. This action by Sgt. Charles epitomizes customer service and sets an example for all of us to follow.


​Chet Greco – SP Plus

Chet is one of kind!! He loves the transportation business and is very well versed in this industry. He has a passion for perfection and he does his best to accomplish it.  Chet just wants things to be done right!! Chet is a happy go lucky individual who finds a lot of humor in the work place. He looks for ways to save money for the airport in any possible way. He is well respected by all employees.