Eastern Runway 1
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Eastern view of the South Runway under construction in February 2012 February 2012 - View looking west towards US 1. The bottom of the photo is 7th Avenue and the eastern area of the South Runway before construction began. 
March 2012 - Eastern view of the South Runway under construction March 2012 - Work began by removing the exotic vegetation and mulching into piles.
April 2012 Eastern view April 2012 - Removal continues of the exotic vegetation and mulch piles.
May 2012 May 2012 - More vegetation is removed and fill deposited in the lower right corner. 
June 2012 eastern view June 2012 - Removing exotic vegetation continues. Work on extending 10th Street (on the left of the photo) continues.
July 2012 eastern view July 2012 - The contractor has removed all the exotic vegetation. The first signs of the fill mound are visible (white area).
August 2012 eastern view August 2012 - The mound continues to increase in height and area. The early base layer for 10th Street is in the upper left hand corner.
September 2012 eastern view September 2012 - Paving of 10th Street is almost complete.
October 2012 eastern view October 2012 - Workers are preparing the ground for the retaining wall foundation.
November 2012 eastern view November 2012 - Workers have installed the first rows of the retaining wall as the mound increases in height.