Tunnels 1
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February 2012 view of US 1 and the FEC Railroad February 2012 - View looking east towards the FEC Railroad and US 1. The future site of the South Runway tunnels.
March 2012 view of the construction just beginning for the runway structures along US 1  March 2012 - North view along US 1. Crews just started clearing the site.
April 2012 view of the South Runway tunnel construction April 2012 - Workers cleared all the area for the tunnel foundations.
May 2012 Tunnel construction on the South Runway May 2012 - Crews have driven the first of 2,600+ piles. The piles are the first step for the tunnel foundations. 
June 2012 view of the runway strucures under construction June 2012 - Three cranes are now driving piles into the ground.
July 2012 view of US 1 and the runway tunnels under construction July 2012 - In addition to the pile driving, a mound increases in height to the left of the FEC railroad tracks.
August 2012 view of the tunnel construction August 2012 - Two rows of piles are visible that will form the tunnel foundations for US 1 southbound.
September 2012 US 1 view of tunnels under construction September 2012 - Pile caps (in the lower right of the photo) is the second stage of the foundation. The tunnel walls will be constructed on top of the pile caps.
October 2012 view of the runway tunnels October 2012 - Piles and pile caps increase in number. The rebar metal frames for the walls are in place.
November 2012 aerial view of the tunnels under construction November 2012 - A detour of US 1 to the east (right side of photo) opens the area for more tunnel construction.