Tunnels 2
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December 2012 northern view of the tunnels under construction December 2012 - The walls under construction just to the right of the FEC railroad are for southbound US 1.
January 2013 South Runway and taxiway tunnel construction January 2013 - The west wall for the US 1 southbound tunnel is nearing completion. Pilings to the right are for the other tunnel foundations.
February 2013 February 2013 - Both walls for the US 1 southbound tunnel are almost complete. Notice the dirt mound just to the left of US 1.
March 2013 aerial view of the South Runway tunnel construction March 2013 - The pilings to the left of the walls are for the taxiway columns. The tunnel utility building foundation is underway between the two cranes on the left side of the photo.
April 2013 construction view of the tunnels along US 1 April 2013 - Workers have poured most of the concrete caps above the columns. There is just one section under construction of the southbound US 1 tunnel wall.
May 2013 constuction of the South Runway May 2013 - The bracing on the wall to the far right is the western wall for the airport entrance tunnel. The south retaining walls is also visible in the right of the photo.
June 2013 June 2013 - The columns and column caps are almost complete. Workers finished the walls and roof of the tunnel utility building (bottom center).
Runway and taxiway structures with beams July 2013 - Workers have placed the beams across the tunnel walls that will form the roof/runway deck for southbound US 1.
View of the beams on the walls and columns for the runway and taxiway August 2013 - Progress on the beam placement continues with the beams over the taxiway columns. 
The tunnels are nearing completion with the beams across the walls September 2013 - Workers poured the runway deck/tunnel roof for the future location of the US 1 southbound lanes.