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Runway 2
Pile driving for the tunnel foundations.
Crew driving piles as part of the early foundation work for the tunnels.

Click on an image for a larger version.
Train bringing in fill for the South Runway
Train hauling fill for the South Runway. 

Rail spur on the old South Perimeter Road
Rail spur on the former South Perimeter Road that is hauling fill.
A truck is being filled with dirt for the South Runway.

Excavator unloading the fill from the train into a waiting dump truck.

Construction activities of the tunnel foundations
Construction of the structures with the completed walls in the background and the pilings in the foreground. 
The tunnel utility builidng under construction
The tunnel utility builidng in the foreground and tunnel walls in the background.

The columns of the taxiaways under construction
The taxiway columns under construction. The runway walls are in the background.
View from above the utility building
View from the utility building roof looking south. The piles for the FEC railroad are in the middle of the photo. 

Tunnel with the beams placed on the walls.
Crews have placed the beams across the tunnel walls for the runway deck/tunnel roof.
The taxiway columns with beam
Beams across the taxiway columns will form the taxiway deck/tunnel roof.