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Terminal 4 - 3
Removing the concrete apron
Removing the concrete apron in July 2013 as work begins.

Click on an image for a larger version.
View of the site in the early construction phase
View looking west of the early construction site.

Workers installing utilities
Workers installing utilities.
Iron frame of the former Security Check Point
The iron frame remains of the former security check point.

Pilings for the foundation
Concrete pilings with rebar form the first part of the terminal foundation.
View of the construction site in October 2013
Site view in October 2013 with many pilings already in place.

Colums rise on top of the pilings
Colums rise on top of the pilings with a plane taxing in the background.
Early work on the foundation walls
Early work on the foundation walls.

Workers completing a terminal column taken in March 2014.
Workers completing the rebar on a column. March 2014. 
Workers installing PVC pipes for utilities in Terminal 4
Installing the pvc piping for the underground utilities. April 2014.