Terminal 1-3
Worker on roof of Concourse A

​February 2017 - Worker installing the outer wall framing on Concourse A.

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Outside view of rotunda in Concourse A
​March 2017- View of the rotunda. Workers are finishing the interior of the new concourse.

Workers install the terrazzo floor in the ellipse section of the concourse
​April 2017 - Workers install the terrazzo floor.   
Concession Hall between Concourses B and C
​May 2017 - Concession Hall between Concourses B and C.

​June 2017 - Workers install one piece of the interactive artwork.
Interior of the new concession hall
​July 2017 - The concession hall between Concourse B and C nearing completion.

Roof work on the concession hall
​August 2017 - Completing the roof on the concession hall.