Terminal 1 - 2
Aerial view of the Concourse A construction in June 2016

​June 2016 - The concrete deck is nearly complete for the eastern part of the concourse.

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Aerial view of Concourse A under construction
​July 2016 - Crews work on the concrete deck in the corner and the foundations for the western part of the concourse. 

Welders assemble the metail roof structure.
​July 2016 - Welders assemble the metal roof structure.
August 2016 Aerial of Concourse A
​August 2016 - The metal roof covers the gate area of the concourse. Workers place the concrete towards the existing terminal.

September 2016 Concourse A work continues
​September 2016 - The placement of concrete for concourse level continues towards the existing terminal.  
September 2016 aerial
​September 2016 - The roof structure begins for the concession hall between Concourse B and C.

Installing the outside wall of Concourse A
​October 2016 - Installing a wall panel.
Preparing to place the concrete by installing rebar
​November 2016 - Workers tying rebar before placing concrete on the ground level.

Finishing work for the interior with drywall installation
​December 2016 - Interior finishing work involves installing drywall.
Exterior view of Concourse A in January 2017
​January 2017 - Exterior view of Concourse A.