Terminal 4 - 5
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Forming the columns in Terminal 4 construction May 2014 - Forms are in place to create the horizontal concrete beams connecting the vertical columns. 
Second floor columns under construction June 2014 - Form work beginning for the second floor columns. The second floor deck is complete.
Work begins on the connector walkway to Terminal 3 July 2014 - Work begins on the walkway connector to Terminal 3.
 August 2014 - Column work for the main building.
 Column work on the western end  September 2014 - Western end of the terminal column construction.
  October 2014 - Structure construction on the eastern end next to the existing Terminal 4.
 Connector to Terminal 3  November 2014 - Early column construction on the connector to Terminal 3.
 Installing windows  December 2014 - Installing windows.