Tunnels 3
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Tunnels and structures under construction in October 2013 October 2013 - Workers have completed the runway deck for southbound US 1 and the taxiway deck for northbound US 1.
The runways decks are being installed on the structures November 2013 - Runway decks are progressing. The paving is complete for the third tunnel from the left.
View of the structures in December 2013 December 2013 - Looking east with most of the runway decks/tunnel roofs in place.
January 2014 view of the structures January 2014 - Looking west more decks have been poured.
February 2014 work continues on the tunnel decks. February 2014 - All beams have been placed and now workers are completing the runway and taxiway decks.
March 2014 view of the tunnels with the completed decks March 2014 - Workers have completed pouring the concrete decks for the  runway and taxiway.
View of the structures looking north April 2014 - Work remains in the structures including painting and installing the safety systems. Two systems are the water and foam fire suppression.
Looking south along US1 into the structures May 2014 - View looking south. Workers are completing the life safety systems in the structures.
June 2014 view of the runway and taxiway structures June 2014 - Workers begin placing the concrete for the runway at the right of the photo.
Taxiway and tunnel structures in July 2014 July 2014 - At the right of the photo all the runway paving is complete.