Tunnels 4
Late August 2014 view of the tunnel construction

August 2014 - Workers continue to complete the parallel taxiway on both sides of the taxiway structures.

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Setpember 2014 aerial view of the structures of the South Runway September 2014 - The final top layer of taxiway concrete is installed to the left of the structures.
  October 2014 - Work is complete on the taxiway to the right of the structures and continues to the left of the structures. This view looks south along US 1.
  November 2014 - Notice the black marks on the runway. This is rubber from the planes landing. Taxiway work is now complete. Work continues on the life safety systems in the tunnels.
  December 2014 - The roadway configuration is nearly complete. One cell contains US 1 southbound, one cell contains US 1 northbound, and one cell contains the entrance to the airport. Construction remains on the cell for East Perimeter Road.