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Breeze in. Breeze out. FLL Airport Improvements and renovations (FLLAIR) FLL Airport Improvements and renovations (FLLAIR) FLL Airport Improvements and renovations (FLLAIR) FLL Airport Improvements and renovations (FLLAIR)

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US 1 Moved Under Structures
Hilton Demo Begins
Sky Waves Pedestrian Bridges
South Runway Update
Concrete Plant Assembled On-Site
Radar Tower Demolished
Milestones Reached in Construction
Partial Closure of the Greenbelt
South Runway Expansion Update
Ramp Opens from Airport to Port Everglades
New Navigational Aid
U.S. 1 Lane Shift

Hilton Demo Almost Complete
June 19, 2014

Crews weakened the central structure ofthe hotel by removing walls and beams. Theythen pulledit down with cables and execavators. Mid section of the Hilton Hotel is demolished
An execavator works to separate the concrete from the other debris. They will recycle the concrete. Demo work continues on the west end of the hotel
Workers prepare the structure's wall for painting. Worker prepare the structure walls for painting
A crew places the rebar at the bottom of an approach slab. Next, they will pour concrete above the rebar creating an approach slab. These slabs are next to the structures. Workers place the rebar in the approach slabs next to the structures

Hilton Demo Begins and Embankment Nearing The End
April 25, 2014

Demolition of the Hilton Hotel began on April 18. Bobcats in the upper floors remove the interior walls and dump it down to the ground. The excavator separates the recyclable materials.

Hilton Demolition
Workersadd dirt fill behindthe south wall section just east of US 1. As the dirt rises, they will add panels to the wall until it reaches the final height. Embankment work
Workersinstall the threshold lighting at the eastern end of the runway. To the left will be the concrete runway. To the right, workers will install the Emergency Material Arresting System (EMAS). The EMAS will stop an airliner. Work on the eastern end threshold lighting
These are the taxiway structures looking north from the top of the runway. All the concrete decks are completed. Workers are installing the lighting, life safety systems, and fire alarms in the structures. Traffic on US 1 is on the right side and the FEC Railroad tracks directly below. Taxiway structures
This westerly view is lookingdown the slope of the runway. The concrete base layer has been poured. The concrete top layer (16.5 inches thick) is visible on the right side of the photo. Workers pour the concrete in sections 15 feet wide. The FAA Control Tower is also on the right side center of the photo. Runway pavement looking west down the slope

Work Progressing on Structures and Runway
February 21, 2014

Workers are welding metal strips to the concrete beams on the top of the FEC structure. Next, they willweld metal plates to the strips creating a surface to pour the concrete deck. Worker preparing the runway deck for concrete pouring
One method of ground preparation is stone columns. The first step is todrillholes into the ground. Next, theholes will be filled with smallrocks. These stone columns will support the runway. In the background is the Terminal 4 construction. Stone columns to support the midfield portion of the runway.
This worker is cutting the top layer of concrete to create a smooth edge to join with the next concrete section.A 6 inch concrete base layer supports atop layer that is 16.5inches thick. Worker cutting concrete on the runway top layer preparing for the next pour
Final gradingof the runway shoulder taking place.Workers will pour asphaltnext to the outer edge of the concrete runway.This is the far western section of the runway. Final grading of the runway shoulder

Hilton Garage Demolition Begins
January 14, 2014

The first phase of the demolition of the Hilton Hotel began on Monday, January 6, with the demolition of the two story parking garage. The demo of the garage and removal of the debris will take about one month. It will take an additional four months to restore the property.
Beginning of the garage demolition
Crews have removed most of the debris from the garage.

The second and final phase is the demolition of the actual hotel that will start in early April. The hotel is still operational.

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Aerial view of the garage demo nearing complettion
Back in December 2013, crews demolished the building that previously housed the Dania Boat Sales (see the story below). This property is just west of the hotel.Hotel guests now use this area for parking. Aerial view of the demo with the airport in the background