Terminal 3 Modernization

Project Summary


The major goal of the Terminal 3 Modernization is to improve passengers’ experience by: 
  • Relocating and expanding the security check points on Concourse E and Concourse F. This will reduce congestion and time at the check points.
  • Changing the shops and restaurants on Las Olas Blvd from pre-security to post security. This will allow passengers to enjoy all the restaurants and shops on Concourse E, Concourse F and Las Olas Blvd., without leaving the secure side of the terminal. Previously, one had to leave the secure area then go through another check point to go to another concourse.
  • Adding new restaurants and shops for passengers post security.
  • Enhancing the appearance through new terrazzo floors, carpeting, and walls.
  • Adding new restrooms and renovating existing restrooms.


Completed Work

  • Carpeting was removed from the center walkway in the two concourses and in the front of the Baggage Claim area.
  • Terrazzo floors installed in the center walkways of Concourses E and F.
  • Terrazzo floors installed on the ticket counter level and in the baggage claim area.
  • Security Check Points for Concourses E and F.
  • Shops and restaurants on Las Olas Blvd are now post security.
  • Restrooms added pre-security near the airline ticket counters.
  • Carpeting replaced in the gate seating areas on both concourses.
  • Food Court opened post security with three new restaurants: Pei Wei, Steak ‘n Shake, and Jamba Juice.
  • Installed wall panels throughout the terminal.
  • Stairways construction.
  • New elevators in Concourse E and the terminal entrance. 
  • Baggage conveyor system.

Future Work

Replace the carpeting in the baggage claim with a terrazzo floor.   


Completed in the 2nd Quarter of 2017. 


$97.9 million