North Perry General Aviation Airport
  • Florida’s 2008 and 2013 General Aviation Airport of the Year
    ​ General Aviation Airport of the Year
  • 55th Anniversary Celebration
    ​ 55th Anniversary Celebration
  • 4 Flight Schools to Choose From
     5 Flight Schools to Choose From

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    The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recognized Superior achievement by presenting the 2013 General Aviation Airport of the Year Award to North Perry Airport. This is the second time that North Perry Airport has won the award in the past 6 years.

FAA Runway Safety Award

North Perry Airport (HWO) received the FAA Southern Region’s 2010 Runway Safety Award. The FAA chose HWO over hundreds of airports in the Southern region for runway safety initiatives completed this past year.

In 2009, North Perry Airport experienced an unusually high amount of runway incursions. While the incidents were not the fault of the airport, staff decided more proactive measures might reduce aircraft incidents. During 2010, professionals from Airport Operations, Maintenance, and Development devised a plan to help eliminate the problem.

The plan included:

  • Additional new airfield signs
  • Tighter access controls for visitors
  • Extensive and ongoing training programs for airport users
  • Outreach to student pilots and flight schools
  • Converting the airfield signage and markings to commercial airport standards.
  • These are the same standards used at Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport

Minimum Standards Policy for General Aviation

The purpose of these provisions is to define Minimum Standards the Aviation Department will apply to the conduct of general aviation activities at the County’s Airports. The following provisions state the qualifications and criteria established by the Aviation Department as the minimum requirements that must be met by Commercial and Noncommercial Operators engaged in on Airport general aviation activities for the right to conduct those activities at the County’s Airports.

The operating standards outlined in the Minimum Standards Policy are the minimum requirements for Commercial Operators and Noncommercial Operators that operate at the County’s Airports and provide the stated general aviation activities at the County’s Airports.

Read the entire Minimum Standards Policy (PDF)

Hours of operation
Airport open 24 hours daily
Airport Administration: 7am-11pm
Control Tower hours: 7am-9pm