SunPass Plus

SunPass Plus System is Offline

SunPass has suspended SunPass Plus service at FLL until further notice due to statewide system issues. Please pull a ticket when you enter the parking garages at FLL. Upon exiting you may pay with cash or credit card. We hope the issue will be resolved soon and apologize for any inconvenience.

Updated: July 20, 2018

SunPass Plus is Back Online

SunPass Plus service at FLL is back to normal operation. 

Please log into your My SunPass account and confirm enrollment in both Easy Pay and SunPass Plus Parking to use the SunPass Plus Program at FLL.

If you have any questions, please contact

Updated: June 30, 2018

Available For Parking Payment

SunPass Plus is available to pay for parking in the Airport's garages. SunPass Plus is an easy way to pay for parking using your SunPass Transponder.

Choose the SunPass Plus lane as you enter the parking facility. When you exit, choose the SunPass Plus lane at the toll plaza. SunPass will automatically charge the airport parking fees to your account.

There are no extra fees when using SunPass Plus for airport parking! It is not available for Valet Parking.

SunPass Plus Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am a SunPass Plus Member?

If your SunPass account is automatically replenished either through a credit or debit card, then you are a SunPass Plus member. If your account does not automatically replenish your SunPass, log onto SunPass. Then make the changes to your account before coming out to the airport.

How does it work?

When you arrive at the airport, use the lane designated for SunPass Plus. The computer will read your SunPass transponder (this may take a few seconds) and the gate arm will open. When you exit the airport parking facility, be sure to use the SunPass Plus lane at the toll plaza. The computer will again:
  • Read the transponder
  • Calculate the charges
  • Immediately access your available funds
  • Replenish your account if necessary to withdraw the full amount
  • Allow you to exit the airport parking facility

What if I don't want to use my SunPass Plus to pay for Airport Parking?

If you do not want to use SunPass Plus for airport parking, please use an alternate entry lane to access the airport parking facility. You can also log on to your account at SunPass and under "Transponder Modifications" click on airport parking and opt OUT.

How do I obtain a parking receipt?

If SunPass has your email address, they will immediately send you a parking receipt. If you do not have an email address on file, you can access your SunPass Plus transaction by logging on to your account at SunPass.

Still have questions?

For more information, call Standard Parking Corporation at 954-359-0200 or go to SunPass.

How do I get a refund if my SunPass was incorrectly charged for Airport parking?

Please contact SunPass at 1-888-TOLL FLA (1-888-865-5352) for all billing issues and inquiries.

Parking Fees

Options and Rates


$3 per hour; maximum $15 daily


$3 per hour; maximum $36 daily

Valet parking services are not available using SunPass Plus as a payment option.