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To Port of Miami, Miami Intl Airport, South Beach
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Ground Transportation

There are a variety of ground transportation options from FLL to surrounding destinations.

Rental Cars Taxi Cabs
Buses/Trains Shared Ride/Luxury Sedan
Courtesy Shuttles Hotel Shuttles
Sun Trolley to Fort Lauderdale
Ground Transportation Permit Packet for transportation companies wanting to pick up and drop off passengers at FLL. Traveler Information

Rate Comparisons


Destination Taxi  Cab Shared Ride Luxury Sedan Detailed Information
On All the Options
Port Everglades
(Fort Lauderdale)
$17 $11 $40 Info
Port of Miami $76 $25 $80 Info
Miami Intl Airport $61 $25 $80 Info
West Palm Beach
Intl Airport
$123 $45 $110 Info
Other Destinations
South Beach $70 $21 $75 Info

Taxi cab, shared ride, and luxury sedan rates are estimates and may vary. See below for more details. 

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Ground Transportation Booths

Ground Transportation Booths are located in each Terminal on the Lower Level, baggage claim except Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is  under renovations. Customer Service Coordinators staff these Information Booths. They will assist FLL Airport patrons with ground transportation questions. Booths will be staffed during the periods of significant inbound arriving flights. Each booth has local brochures to assist travelers with their ground transportation needs.

Transportation Brochure
The Transportation Choices brochure compares the estimated fares to 65 locations for taxi cabs, shared rides, or luxury sedans. These specific locations include Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. The fares are separated into colored-coded map zones to estimate a fare within that zone for other destinations not listed. It also offers information about the Tri-Rail commuter trains and Broward County Transit buses.

Brochure Locations
The brochures are available at the Ground Transportation Booths on the lower level in baggage claim. 

Notice Regarding Estimated Fares
Posted fares are estimates determined by the most direct route. Construction around the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport reroutes traffic. Actual fares may vary from estimated fares.

 Ground Transportation Booths

Accessing Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation Sign  To access all ground transportation, follow the easy to read signs in the terminal from your gate to the baggage claim area located on the lower level. After you pick up your bags, go outside the terminal. You can make arrangements for a taxi cab, shared ride, or a luxury sedan car at a Transportation Podium located at the curb outside of the baggagel claim area.

Click on the image for a larger version.

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511 Traveler Information

The Florida Department of Transportation provides real-time traffic and travel information in English and Spanish on its 511 Traveler Information System. 511 is available via phone or internet with updated with information on:

  • Traffic including crashes, commuter travel times, congestion, and lane closures.
  • Severe weather
  • Construction
  • Emergency evacuation information on highways, toll roads, and many metropolitan roadways.

Travelers with Disabilities

FLL also offers transportation, parking, and terminal services that address the special needs of travelers with disabilities.

Commercial Vehicle Business Study Prepared by Jacobs Consultancy
View the Commercial Vehicle Business Arrangements Study (PDF).

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