To Port Everglades

Three Transportation Options to Port Everglades

Shared Ride - Shared "van" rides offered through GO Airport Shuttle cost $11 per person to Port Everglades. A van will hold a maximum of ten passengers.

2. Luxury Sedan - GO Airport Shuttle also offer exclusive car rides to Port Everglades for $40 (for up to four people).

Contact - For more information, visit GO Airport Shuttle or call 800-244-8252/ 954-561-8888. 


3. Taxi Cab - Taxi cabs charge $17 (estimated) based on the meter reading. Cabs accept up to five people for the fare stated on the taxi’s meter. They accept cash or credit cards.

Company Phone
Ambassador Taxi Service                                          954-779-7777
American Taxi Cab                                                   954-708-7499
Broward Airport Taxi, LLC d/b/a Broward Taxi           954-456-1111
Dial A Taxi Cab                                                        954-888-5858
Friendly Checker Cab Company                                 954-999-9999
Gold Taxi Service                                                     754-777-8294
Intercity Taxi                                                           954-525-4500
Limo Taxi Service                                                     954-867-6653
USA Executive Taxi of South Florida                            954-709-6554
​Yellow Cab of Broward ​954-777-7777

Please note: Taxi fares are regulated by law in Broward County.

Check-In at Transportation Podiums

Check-in for the shared ride, luxury sedan, and taxi cab are at the Transportation Podiums. The podiums are located outside the baggage area in each terminal on the lower level by the curb.


Fees listed above are subject to change so call for the latest prices or check the rate comparison chart. The rate charts are posted on the podiums and on the walls near terminal exits in the baggage claim areas.

Operational Hours

The taxi cabs operate 24/7.  

GO Airport Shuttle are available for all incoming flights. If you need their service more than a few hours after the last fight arrives, contact them by phone.


Waiting Times

Maximum wait is 30 minutes for the shared van ride. Most vans leave within 10 minutes. Luxury sedan service and taxi cabs are generally available immediately.

Travel Time

Travel time from FLL to Port Everglades is about 10 minutes, but may vary depending on traffic. We suggest allowing a minimum of 45 minutes between your flight arrival time and scheduled check-in time at Port Everglades.