Spay-Neuter Programs

Spay-Neuter Programs


Under our BrowardPetFix initiative, Broward County Animal Care is proud to offer a number of spay/neuter (sterilization) programs for Broward County residents who own a dog or cat, or those who help feral cats. From puppies to Community Cats, we have a program that will provide affordable and convenient sterilization services!

SNIP Program

SNIP is a voucher-based program, which provides free or low-cost sterilization services for OWNED dogs and cats.

The program is open to ALL Broward County residents.  SNIP services include spay/neuter surgery; a rabies vacicnation, and a Broward County Rabies Registration License Tag. To apply to the SNIP Program, please access our WebPortal to begin the application process.

TNR Community/Feral Cat Sterilization Program

Residents and caregivers of unowned feral and community cats can apply and receive a voucher in order to get feral/community cats spayed/neutered.  To receive a TNR sterilization voucher, please access our WebPortal to begin the application process.

Portable Spay/Neuter Unit

Broward County Animal Care has partnered with the Humane Society of Broward County to provide sterilization at our Portable Spay/Neuter Unit owned pets and SNIP/TNR voucher customers. To receive a sterilization voucher, please visit our WebPortal.