Surrendering a Pet

IMPORTANT!  If you are surrendering a stray/lost pet or your own pet dog or cat, please bring your Driver's License or other government-issued picture identification with you.  We cannot accept a pet without proof of identity.

Surrendering a Lost/Stray Dog or Cat

Broward County Animal Care accepts stray/lost pets from within Broward County during regular business hours.  Wait times to surrender a lost pet can vary.

If you are bringing in more then 3 pets at a time, we request that you schedule an appointment in order to expedite service.  To make an appointment, please call 954-357-9758, or e-mail us at

PLEASE NOTE: If you reside outside of Broward County, a $75 surrender fee per pet will apply if we accept the dog or cat you are bringing in to us.

Surrendering your own Pet Dog or Cat

Surrendering your pet to a shelter should be a last resort.  With thousands of dogs and cats coming through our Adoption Center each year, we are often at or near capacity on a daily basis. Therefore, please consider other options before surrendering your pet to any shelter.

All owner surrenders (including emergencies and request for euthanasia) are by appointment only.  Please call 954-357-9758 or e-mail to schedule an appointment.   

PLEASE NOTE: If you have been caring for a pet and are turning the pet in to us on behalf of a family member, friend, neighbor or deceased person, an appointment is still required.  If you, or the legal pet owner, reside outside of Broward County, a $75 surrender fee per pet will be charged.