Dog Behavior Resources
Dog Behavior Resources
Bringing your newly adopted dog home is an exciting time! 
However, after selecting your newest family member, the most important thing you must do is BE PATIENT!
Your pet has transitioned from his former home to our Adoption Center and now to you. For some pets, that’s a lot to deal with.  Now that you have adopted him, you must next invest the time to give him lots of love and guidance in order to develop his trust as well as a strong bond that will last a lifetime.
Adopting a dog without taking the time to train and bond with him will result in frustration for both you and your dog, and result in unwanted behavior.
To start your relationship off on the right “paw,” take advantage of the several cost-effective or FREE resources available to you:
Dog Smart 101 Classes 
This special program is held each month and offers dog owners (or anyone thinking about getting a pet), important information about dog behavior and why dogs do the things they do. This is the perfect class for anyone experiencing behavioral problems with their dog, such as barking, chewing and housebreaking issues. The class is taught by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and is FREE to all residents. Since this is not a dog training session, no pets are permitted to the program. Visit our schedule for dates and times.
Dog Training Classes
A variety of Dog Training Classes, taught by dog-training professionals, are offered at Broward County Parks.  From basic skills such as “sit and stay,” to more advanced programs that use your dog’s natural instincts, there is a fun class available for any pet.  Visit the Parks’ website for more information.
For additional information on a specific situation, please see the list below for helpful solutions to typical doggie behavior problems:
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AggressionBarkingDestructive ChewingDominance in DogsEscapingFearful DogsFear of Thunder/Other Startling NoisesHead HaltersHousetrainingIntroducing a New Dog to a Resident DogPositive ReinforcementPuppy ChewingPuppy DevelopmentPuppy Nipping and Rough PlaySeparation AnxietySubmissive/Excitement Urination


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