Financial Resources

Financial Assistance for Medical Care 

The list below provides contact information for pet owners who are in need of financial assistance for their pet's veterinary care.  The list is for informational purposes only.  These companies, agencies and organizations are examples of the services available to pet owners and are not endorsed, funded or supported by Broward County Animal Care.  Simply click on the name of the organization for more information.

Care Credit

​Credit card company for health and vet care.  Apply online or call 1-800-839-9078.

Banfield Charitable Trust HOPE Fund

The pet must be a patient at a Banfield Pet Hospital and funds are determined by each clinic.

Brown Dog Foundation

This agency assist with the costs of prescription medications.

Dylan's Hearts

A non-profit agency that aids families struggling financially to pay for veterinary care.

Friends & Vets

Assists in payings for extraordinary veterinary expenses necessary to save a pet's life.

Harley's Hope Foundation

Gives financial aid for major illnesses and emergency veterinary care.

Hope Mending Heart

A grant program to help parents afford surgery and post-operative care.

Magic Bullet Fund

The group provides assistance for dogs fighting cancer.

Paws 4 A Cure

A non-profit group that funds non-routine veterinary care.

The Pet Fund

Provides assistance for cancer treatment, heart disease and other emergency care.

Red Rover Relief

Offers grant money for urgent and emergency veterinary treatment for pets.

Shakespeare Animal Fund

Helps pets and their people in need. 


Crowdfunding Websites

Websites where pet owners can create free online fundraisers for veterinary costs: 

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