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Purchasing Your Rabies Tag

Where to Purchase the Rabies Tag

Broward County Rabies Tags can be purchased in a variety of ways. The County provides the tags to veterinarians and other organizations that contract with our agency to issue them. Information about each registration sold is forwarded to Animal Care and Adoption, and maintained in our database. You can quickly purchase a new or renewal Broward County Rabies Tag at any of these locations:

*Be sure to bring a copy of your current Rabies Certificate when purchasing the tag. The Rabies Certificate is proof that your pet has received the rabies vaccination.

The most convenient time to purchase a Broward County Rabies Tag is when you bring your pet to your veterinarian for his annual physical, which includes a rabies vaccination. If your veterinarian also sells the Broward County Rabies Tag, you will be able to purchase it while you are there to get your pet examined and vaccinated against rabies.

The veterinarian will give you a copy of a completed and signed Rabies Certificate for your records and your Rabies Tag at the same time. The Rabies Certificate shows when and where your pet was vaccinated.

All of the information regarding the vaccine and the registration will be transferred from the veterinary office to Broward County Animal Care as required by Florida law. You do not have to send any information to us.

If your veterinarian does not sell the Broward County Rabies Tag, please check our listing of participating veterinarian and places where the tag can be purchased. Simply take a copy of your current Rabies Certificate with you as proof of vaccination when you go to buy the tag.​​