Creative Economy Program Committee

The Creative Economy Program Committee recommends recipients for a revolving loan funding program to help support and finance Broward-based artists and their projects. In addition, the Committee designs and implements an Artist as an Entrepreneurial Program series; a capacity-building repertoire to help the artist community better understand their unique enterprise making both the artist community, and the micro-credit program, more successful.

Committee Members

Vacant, Chair 
Edith Gooden-Thompson, Vice-Chair
James Shermer,
Staff Liaison



Rafael Cruz
Andrew Martineau         
Barbara A. Barber                   
Patricia Taylor                
Joyce Hall                                
George Gadson   
Cheryl Cook        
Gregory Reed 
Victoria Olson

Committees are set up to implement annual or multi-year goals.  Members are urged to sit on committees that are of interest to them.  Committee business should be handled at the committee level and not in regular meetings.  If policy decisions cannot be agreed upon by the committee, their report should be reviewed at the Executive Committee prior to the regular meeting of the BCC.