Public Relations Committee

Develop public relations strategies to stimulate greater governmental and public awareness and appreciation of the importance of cultural services and amenities. Assess public relations needs and develop a plan to improve local media coverage through the Faces of Broward campaign.


Committee Members  

Darran Blake, Chair
Ebonni Bryant
, Vice Chair
, Staff Liaison



Laurina Anderson
Janet Erlick
Norma Fouts
Jan Goodheart
DK Mink
Merri McLeroy
Juliet Roulhac
Kenneth Stevenson
Maria Pierson
Gregory Reed
Eris Sandler
Alice Simon
Katia Bates
Gayle Borden

Committees are set up to implement annual or multi-year goals.  Members are urged to sit on committees that are of interest to them.  Committee business should be handled at the committee level and not in regular meetings.  If policy decisions cannot be agreed upon by the committee, their report should be reviewed at the Executive Committee prior to the regular meeting of the BCC.