Alan J. Levy
Alan J. Levy has been a resident of Broward County since 1942.   Mr. Levy graduated from the University of Georgia in 1962 with a BBA degree in Business Administration.  He founded and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Great American Farms, Inc., a Pompano Beach based agricultural marketing firm.   Combining forces with local and state political figures, Mr. Levy was successful in retaining the vibrant Pompano State Farmers Market at its current site in Broward County.  Later Mr. Levy revived this committee into a State Authority in which he served as a member and which was responsible for many of the improvements to and funding for this historic market.  Mr. Levy served as a founding member of the Performing Arts Center Authority for eight years.  The Authority was responsible for the initial design and building of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.