Broward County, Florida
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Broward Cultural Council Handbook History
Cultural Council & Committee Members

Broward Cultural Council Members

Meeting Dates & Minutes

Diane Weinbrum Chair
Tracy M. Roloff 1st Vice Chair

Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner 2nd Vice Chair
Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand Member-at-Large
Alice Simon Member-at-Large

Deborah Kerr

Immediate Past Chair

Gregory Reed Alternate
Bonnie Barnett
Darran Blake
Heather Brinkworth School Board Member
Ebonni Bryant
Rose Marie A. Cossick
Victoria Olson
Wayne A. Gales Tourist Development Council Representative
Laura Gambino
Claire Garrett
Caryl Ginsburg Fantel
Vice Mayor Caryl Hattan Broward League of Cities Representative

Roslyn "Robbie" S. Kurland
Amy Ostrau

Commissioner Stacy Ritter Broward County Board of County Commissioners

View a list of past chairs of the Broward Cultural Council


Public Art & Design Committee Members

Meeting Dates & Minutes

Bonnie Barnett Chair
Dr. Wilma Bulkin Siegel
Dr. Henning Haupt  Vice Chair
Alan J. Levy
Mario Cartaya
Jeff Suiter

Cultural Executive Committee Members

Meeting Dates

Vacant Chair
Jaye Abbate
Helen LaForge
Jacqueline Lorber
Janet Erilick
Myra Weaver
Patricia Coyle Zeiler
Ruby Issaev
Sheri Adanti


Cultural Council Committees

Committees are set up to implement annual or multi-year goals.  Members are urged to sit on committees that are of interest to them. 


Advocate to restore arts, cultural and historical state appropriations.
Arts Education Strengthen Broward County’s arts education coalition.

Cultural Tourism 

Incorporating the arts into tourism initiatives.
Executive Committee Discuss issues relating to the arts.
Planning Recommends the goals, objectives, and actions of the Council.
Public Relations Provides strategies for marketing arts related events.
Creative Economy Develops capacity-building programs for artists.
Cultural Diplomacy Partnerships Obtain Administrative Code approval for a cultural diplomacy partnership program.
Council Member Assignments List of all sections and member assignments.