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Ebonni Bryant

black and white portrait of Ebonii Bryant

My idea is to radically move people and inspire ideas in a way that impacts the way we see ourselves, our institutions, and our communities. I execute ideas and cause businesses to be successful. We all have work we love doing. I call this “good work.” For me, good work is taking my degree in organizational communications and marketing, years of experience working with companies like Coca-Cola and Lebhar-Friedman, being a fellow through the national organization New Leaders Council and a love of connecting people and causing change to happen in businesses, events and initiatives.

I started a company that makes ideas work and makes work worthwhile. The people I do this with don’t always have a clear sense of what they need to do next or have the resources, structure or community to get it done. My team and I provide these needed elements in order that their idea will work. I give focus to the guy in London who wants to do something with his Ph.D., or the woman in Arizona who works with people and addiction.

I believe in working in the community you hold dear and expanding into communities that will also benefit from your idea, business, or community initiative. I, and the people I work with, take some of the work tasks that are holding you back and work with you to develop a more streamlined approach. The Idea, Inc. is more than a business development company; it is a support system, a net designed to catch you when things do not go as you planned. The Idea, Inc. allows you to follow your dream and take that leap, safe in the knowledge that the net will appear.