Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand

Margaret Armand



A resident of Plantation, Florida since 1979, she was born and raised in Haiti and lived in New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. A graduate of the University of Texas, she earned a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Nova Southeastern University. Changing lives through her career as an educator, licensed Mental Health Counselor, Supreme Court Family Mediator, Lecturer, she worked at the Broward County School System from 1980-1991. A visiting professor at national and international universities, her expertise in culture and education is rooted in the social sciences and humanities that positioned her in a unique place. An artist, poet and scholar she is published in academic books and featured “Identify Yourself” in the Cultural Quarterly Spring 2004 “Expression of Freedom” with her art on the cover.

She is a member of several cultural organizations including the Museum of Art and Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival FLIFF. Chair of the Cultural Diplomacy Partnership 2011, spearheaded the Diversity committee 2003. Advisory Board member at Nova Southeastern University, Mailman Segal Child Studies 2000-2008. Multi-Ethnic Advisor Board 1985-2001, parliamentarian 1996-1997, vice-chair 1998-1999, chair 2000-2001. Board Member State of Florida - School Readiness Coalition 1999-2000. Old Dillard Museum Foundation 1995-2000. Advisory Board Member Coordinating Council of Broward County 1994-1998. Board Member State of Florida - Employment Discrimination Outreach 1990-1994. Multicultural Community Task Force 1980-1990, Vice-Chair 1985, Chair 1986 among others. She ran for political office in 1998. Her peace building efforts has led to many recognitions.

  • The 2010 Nosside International Poetry Award
  • “How do you select the Best of the Best” Silver Knights Jurist Award 2002
  • Spirit of Justice Award –Latin Americans United Inc. 2010
  • “Who is Who in American Woman” 2010, 11, 12
  • Haïtian-Women Community Award 2005
  • South Florida Political Achievement Award 1998
    Name engraved on “ROSA PARKS National Wall of Tolerance” Montgomery, Alabama 2005
  • Dr. Armand’s professional background advocates the importance of education, cultural historical integrity and arts in economic development. Her work promotes dignity, self-respect and social equity. She is fluent in Haïtian Kreyol, French, Spanish and English.
  • Commissioner Dale Holness nominated her to the Broward Cultural Council.