Broward Cultural Council 2017 Handbook


Mission Statement

"Enhancing the community's cultural environment through the development of the arts."
The Broward Cultural Council Handbook explains the duties, obligations and business procedures of the Broward Cultural Council.  This manual is continually updated as the responsibility of the council changes.
Serving on the Broward Cultural Council requires the commitment to attend one monthly meeting, two planning meetings, numerous grant review meetings, council sponsored programs and serve on committees.  Each member is required to complete project evaluation forms for grant organizations.  Members should expect to devote an average of ten hours a month to fulfill their responsibilities.
Vision Statement
Creating a cutting-edge network of accessible cultural activities throughout Broward County anchored by a major downtown cultural district that is linked to regional cultural amenities.  Foster participation of residents through alliances between arts and culture, education and social service sectors; attract residents and visitors alike with a dynamic landscape of arts and culture activities.


Broward Cultural Council Highlights    
By-Laws and Responsibilities (PDF) 2017 Meeting Dates
Florida Sunshine Amendment Ethics Guide Administrative Code
Voting Conflict Statute Committees
2017 Council Members 2017 Council Goals (PDF)
Council Policy (PDF) Council History
CreativeBROWARD 2020 Arts Services Agencies (PDF)
Cultural Council - Trust Account Ordinance Special Purpose Fund Ordinance
Lobbying Ordinance Gift Acceptance Ordinance
Code of Ordinance, Terms of Boards, Committees, Councils and Task Forces

Public Art & Design
PAD Committee Call to Artists
Public Art & Design Public Art & Design Ordinance

Incentive Programs Incentive Programs and Deadlines
Arts Education
Community Arts Education Partnerships Arts Teacher of the Year Program
Professional Development Arts Education

Awards Co-op Marketing Program
Staff Directory
Voting Conflict Member Survey (PDF)
Nominating Committee (PDF) Incentive Program Evaluation (PDF)
Quarterly Gift Disclosure

Geographic Art Map (coming soon) Services for Organizations
Services for Artists Broward County Organizational Chart
Broward County Vision Statement



Rowena Nocom
Michelle Oplesch

Sunshine Law
There shall be no communication between any two members of the same collegial body on any matter which they may foreseeably be required to address jointly in an advisor or decision-making capacity except at a public meeting.

Meeting requirements:

Reasonable notice to public:  The Director of the Cultural Division must be notified of all meetings, and will advertise them in accordance with County policy

Reasonable access to public:  Meetings may not be held at any facility or location which discriminates on the basis of sex, age, race, creed, color, origin, disability or economic status or which operates in such a manner as to unreasonably restrict public access to the facility.

Minutes:  Minutes of all meeting must be recorded in writing.

Sunshine Law Link for detailed information