Broward Cultural Council Handbook History

Created in 1980, The Broward Cultural Council is a 24-member advisory board. Each Broward County Commissioner appoints two members and each of the following appoints one at-large member: School Board of Broward County, FL; League of Cities; Tourist Development Council; The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance and the Cultural Executives Committee.

The Council is the central coordinating agency for the arts and serves the leadership role of liaison between cultural organizations, all levels of government and the private sector. As the umbrella organization for the arts, the Council recommends programs and the distribution of government and private resources for the visual, performing, literary arts, museums and festivals.

1976 - Broward County Board of County Commissioners created an Art in Public Places board

1977 - A resolution dated June 14, 1977, by the County Commission, created a 15-member arts advisory board to be known as the Broward Arts Council. The Broward County Council on the Arts was also created with one full-time and one part-time Broward County employee initially funded by CETA Federal Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, later by Broward County’s General Fund.

1980 - An amendment to the 1977 Broward County commission resolution established a Cultural Arts Division to include the Art in Public Places Board and the 15-member advisory board the Broward Arts Council, and established the functions of the Division. Director served both the Broward County Council on the Arts and Tourist Development Council.

1983 - The Cultural Arts Division merged with the Libraries Division as the Office of Cultural Arts

1988 - Voters approve a charter referendum changing the name of the Office of Cultural Arts to the Broward Cultural Affairs Division, also establishing a new division of County government. The advisory board also had a name change from Broward Arts Council to Broward Cultural Affairs Council.

1988 - The Cultural Master Plan for Broward County prepared by the Wolf Organization is unveiled as Broward County’s first Cultural Master Plan.

1989 - Ordinance #89-33 (music store sales tax), sponsored by Commissioner Gerald F.
Thompson and unanimously supported by the Broward County Commission, establishes
a stable source of grant funds for cultural organizations.

1989 - Business Volunteers for the Arts/Broward, which became ArtServe, Inc., was established
with the assistance of the Broward Cultural Affairs Division.

1990 - The Cultural Foundation of Broward was established as a not-for-profit organization to
support the mission of Broward Cultural Affairs Division.

1993 - Ordinance #93-8 (sales tax on rental of tangible property), sponsored by Commissioner
Lori Nance Parrish and unanimously supported by the Broward County Commission,
establishes a stable source of grant funds for cultural organizations.

1994 - ArtServe, Inc., one of six arts incubators in the U.S., celebrates the grand opening of its
new facilities in space shared with the Fort Lauderdale Branch Library on Sunrise Blvd.
Broward Cultural Division secured grants from the National Endowment for the Arts,
State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, Broward County Libraries Division and other
grants to renovate the facility.

1995 - Ordinance #95-20 (Public Art and Design Program), sponsored by Commissioner Lori
Nance Parrish and unanimously supported by the Broward County Commission, created
two percent of various capital construction budgets for artist design services and the
creation and maintenance of public art.

2000 - Building a Cultural Mosaic of Broward County, a 2010 community cultural plan 2010 is
completed and released to the public.

2001 - The Cultural Information Center, a one-stop shop for tickets, cultural information,
gifts and snacks, was a ten-year project in the making, and opened in November

2002 - The Australian publication ‘Designing the World’s Best Public Art’, a glossy, coffee
table book, named four of Broward County’s public art pieces as among the world’s
best, in an international listing, including Spain, Cuba, Japan and the Czech Republic.

2003 - Broward Cultural Affairs Division and Broward Cultural Affairs Council had a name
change, dropping the word “affairs” to update terminology.

2004 - The Park Bond Master Plan - ‘Theater of Regeneration: toward an aesthetic of loops,
layers and lenses,’ was completed and received a National Association of Counties
Award and a Place Planning Award from the Environmental Design Research

2008 - The Broward Cultural Division advocated for the creation of Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts, a $13 million project, eight years in the planning, created 37 new units of affordable “live/work” housing for artists, and transformed the historic West Side School into a new home for the Broward County Historical Commission, broke ground in June 2006 and opened in November 2008

2010 - CreativeBROWARD 2020, a community cultural plan is completed to guide cultural development over the next ten years.

2011 - The Cultural Foundation of Broward became the Business for the Arts of Broward a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) engaging businesses and business leaders to advocate and educate about the importance of the County’s art and cultural community as well as to recognize the connection between cultural vitality, creative success, and economic development.

Section 1-88(a) of the Broward County Code of Ordinances is amended to require artwork to be functionally integrated and a definition of functionally integrated is added. Projects over $100,000 require Board approval. Free standing artwork may be commissioned with Board approval. Maximum use of local artists is required.