Catalina Jaramillo

Catalina Jaramillo’s work explores the universal notions of transience, loss, grief, oneness and impermanence. Through participatory installations that combine aspects of performance, video, photography and sound; she places herself in emotionally and spiritually trying states in order to overcome personal boundaries of pain and experience the mythopoetic transformational power of art. She is theRecipient of the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship 2013.

Recent exhibitions of Catalina Jaramillo’s work include: South Florida Cultural Consortium 2013 at The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale; Aesthetics and Values at The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum; You Are Always Here at Dimensions Variable; 1983, You Are Always Here at the Colombian Consulate in Coral Gables; The Fifth Biennal at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, and Facsimile at Girls’ Club Collection. Her works can be found collections such as Girls’ Club, Bonnie Teller Swerdloff, Amy Pollack, The Mosquera Collection, Fom Design Co., and the U.S. Colombian Consulate.



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