Broward County, Florida
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Giannina Coppiano Dwin

2006 Visual & Media Artists Fellowship Recipient



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Flour Carpet I
"Flour Carpet I"
Palm Beach Installation

Flour Carpet II
"Flour Carpet II"
Ritter Installation

Installation Performance
Installation Performance

Flour and Spices
Flour and Spices
(Walk Performance)

Achiote y Agua
Achiote y Agua


Achiota, Sal y Porcelana
Achiota, Sal y Porcelana

Tulle, Achiote y Harina
Tulle, Achiote y Harina


Outdoor Performance
Outdoor Performance






Artist Statement

"The material connects symbolically to the way women have created while performing their traditional roles and duties as mothers, wives, and caregivers.  Perishable food materials are used as a means of simultaneously addressing the space of the body in its temporal existence and its need for sustenance.  Oral and sensorial pleasures are connected to food from an early age.  They create complex relationships linked to food and daily rituals.  Sometimes the work appears as a record of a series of repetitive movements, leaving traces whose purpose would be that of signifying the existence of presence and what that presence might require or lack, taking into account that the art object or installation is a gesture of that presence, of that existence's daily dissension within a cultural environment that obsesses with efficiency, time, consumerism, while at the same time creates dearth and negates irreversible natural processes.

The work, which may include performance or allow for the interaction of weather and time, expresses as well, a desire to transform simple materials into symbols of ever persistent life's basic needs in spite of dearth, financial disasters, political crisis, natural cataclysms and bankrupt social systems.  It refers to intimate moments, little rituals, or metaphors that call into play formal aesthetics, nourishment, and the inevitable temporality intrinsic to the human condition." 


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