Dr. Henning Haupt

Dr. Henning Haupt is a painter and an educator for architectural design.

His work explores spatial qualities with in drawings, paintings and three-dimensional installations, e.g. “The Return of the Magenta,” a color-space construction generated out of paintings developing an inseparable entity out of the visual, painted and the architectural, built space.

As Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) he teaches design studios and classes on the relationship between color, space, painting and architecture at FAU. Prior to 2008 Dr. Haupt’s studio was located in Berlin and he taught architectural design at the Technical University at Braunschweig, Germany.

Dr. Haupt completed the dissertation of a praxis-based research project on the relationship between colors and space as Ph.D. in 2008. Earlier he studied at Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Michigan (Architecture and Painting) and graduated from the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany in 1993.

Website: henninghaupt.com


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