2008 Winner: Lou Anne Colodny
Artist Statement

Lou Anne Colodny -SFCC Winner 2008This body of work concerns the aftermath of major environmental or man-made catastrophes.  Metamorphosis of societies and individuals becomes the focus of these videos as we explore the new world that comes into being.  The transformations become bolder as the series advances in time.  The artists is also fascinated with the ways that the innocence of childhood morph into worlds of chaos and destruction in the dawn of the century.

Process:  These three works were created by transferring innocent childhood events from the 1950's into a sci-fi realm.  The images of the artists and her brother were originally filmed in Super 8 by the artists' late father, Sam Levinson.  When found in 2002, the films were transferred to VHS format.  The artist transferred the VHS to DVD format and rearranged and manipulated them in 2004, 200, and 2007 respectively.  Colodny created the sound with her own voice and instrumentals, as well as manipulated "found sound".  She used chance to change the visual and audio sequencing and timing in these works.  The final videos become abstracted segments of things that seem familiar yet surreal, mysterious and me