Robert Nathans

2008 Visual & Media Artists Fellowship Recipient


Robert Nathans
In the last couple of years, my canvas surfaces are made up of collaged fabrics from the discarded shirts and garments of people who have died of AIDS.  The disparity of image and surface coexist.  The white Bird of Paradise, from the Florida landscape, has an ironic beauty and short lived nature.  It is coarse, sticky, substantial, and delicate. 

Color and texture become a celebration of life lived.  Richness of experience through layers of objects and memories offset Realism.  Childhood and birds, vulnerability and enduring nature, mysterious juxtapositions imperfectly balanced.  My work is a flood of images built up over time, ephemeral things, incongruous, and multi-layered. 

Robert Nathans is a local painter whose work is being featured in the South Florida Cultural Consortium Exhibition at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.

Clip length: 03:04
Date: 7/2008
Source:  uVu