Art Prevails Project

Organization Name:
The Art Prevails Project 

Phone: 954. 336. 5015



The Art Prevails Project is a multi-disciplinary collective whose mission is to provide artistic and cultural experiences to those that often lack those opportunities.

Understanding that in many arenas, avenues for artistic expression are removed and often demeaned. The Art Prevails Projects engages the community by providing high-quality performances and training for playwrights, poets, and actors of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. 

The Founder and Artistic Director is Daughtry V. Daughtry, an accomplished poet, educator, playwright, director, event host, and public speaker with over a decade worth of experience . 

Click on the links below to learn about each of the services offered:

1. Be You! (Who you be?)

2. Hallways and Heartbreaks

3. Speak Your Peace