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Nego Gato Afro Brazilian Music & Dance
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Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre
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Fantasy Theatre Factory
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Eat Your Poem
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Ceramics On Wheels
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Cadenza Center for Psychotherapy & the Arts, Inc.
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Association of the Performing Arts of India
Artists Eye
Ally's Gourmet Kitchen
Alexis Caputo
Actors Workshop of South Florida

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Grades:  Preschool through Kindergarten


Adinkra Stamping

Adventures of Young Composers 

Afab Karaoke

Aloha Workshop 

Alphabet South and Gobbledy- Goop! 

Anger Goes to Hollywood: A Character Education Series Show 

Around the World Through Story

Art and Music  

Art of Reading Residency

Artistic Exploration with Dr. Timothy Leistner 

Artist's Eye Art & Educational Services


Bananas, Books and Pancakes Reading and Language Arts

Book it!



Celebrating West African Culture Through Storytelling, Music and Dance 

Children's Art Drawing Classes 

Cinderella, A Fractured Fairy Tale

Comedy with a Twist of Lemon

Cuentame Un Cuento/Tell Me A Story 

Creative Dramatics Classes

Creative Life Journeys: Mapping Self By Means of Creative Expression

Critter Tales


Dance For All Seasons 

Debra Lombard's Student and Teacher Workshops

Didgeridoo Down Under Show: Music-Culture-Education-Character Building!

Dinosaur Eggs in My Lunchbox! 

Drumming with Mama Trina and Baba Moussa


Earth Friendly Tales

Exceptional Theatre Company - Class 

Fatou and the Magic of the Calabash  


Her Story for Women's History Month

Holiday Magic

I Remember Minna

Interactive Music Programs for Children with Varying Exceptionalities


Laugh, Learn and Love to Read with Lilly P Badilly 

Little Monster Tales


Mentor The Inventor: A Character Education Series Show 

Music Therapy for Children with Development Disabilities

Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective


Outside the Lines 


Paw Pals!

Polynesian Arts in Education 

Preschool Story Time


Reading is Fun

Resound and Resolve: Working out problems through Drama

Rhythm Rhumbas – An Introduction to the World of Rhythm

Sees through Their Eyes

Sing and Dance Your Way to Hispanic Literature and Culture 

Songs For My Children 

Stargazia Blue 

Stories for Black History Month

Stories from America's Backyard

Storytelling Workshops

Strudel Tales of Wit and Wisdom


Tales of Peace and Justice

The Adventures of Secret Agent Re Cycle

The Character Construction Company: A Character Education Series Show

The Melody Makers Chorus 

The Never Everglades 

The Thrill of West African Dance



Underwater World

Visual Art Instruction for Students with Disabilities

World Water Watch 


Zulu Beads     

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