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Email csayvar@gmail.com
Website www.carriesueayvar.com
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Description of Services

Cuentame Un Cuento / Tell Me A Story
Live, bilingual (Spanish/English) interactive performance with audience participation stories. Participants, including those who may never have spoken the language before, will find themselves successfully repeating Spanish phrases. While celebrating our similarities and differences, lessons in Latin American culture, geography, customs, history and even word origins are incorporated into the stories.  

The educational goals of Cuentame Un Cuento/Tell Me A Story Storytelling Performance include introducing Latin American culture, traditions, geography, customs, history through the Art of Storytelling. We will explore Hispanic cultures and will broaden the students appreciation and respect for their own and other cultures. Verbal and non-verbal communication and expression will be demonstrated.

Students will:

  • Learn about Hispanic cultures including traditions, folklore, foods, geography, and history.
  • Explore how Hispanic Americans and culture have influenced our language and culture here in the United States.
  • Develop increased listening skills

We celebrate and explore contributions and the influence of Hispanic history, language, and culture through traditional folklore. Spanish phrases are incorporated as part of the participatory experience. Students show progress by demonstrating active listening (shown through body language and audience participation). Assessment methods consist of recalling specifics of the story such as sequential order, synopsis, setting, characters, plot — either verbally, in pictures or in writing according to grade levels. 

Grade Level:

Pre – 8th

Number of Participants:




Spanish; At risk, seniors, school-based, community-based, afterschool, summer.


LA.B.1.1, LA.B.2.1, LA.C.1.1, LA.C.2.1, LA.C.3.1, LA.D.2.1, LA.E.2.1, LA.B.1.2, LA.B.2.2, LA.C.1.2, LA.C.2.2, LA.C.3.2, LA.D.2.2, LA.E.2.2, LA., LA., SC.G.1.1, SC.H.3.1, SC.G.1.2, SC.H.3.2, SS.B.1.1, SS.B.2.1, SS.B.1.2, SS.B.2.2, FL.A.2.1, FL.B.1.1, FL.A.2.2, FL.B.1.2, SS.A.1.1, SS.A.2.1, SS.B.1.1, SS.B.2.1, SS.A.1.2, SS.A.2.2, SS.B.1.2, SS.B.2.2


$400 per performance 
Discounts offered for CSC providers



Contact: Phone:        305-945-4804


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