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Contact Info  
Name Blue Planet Writers’ Room
Phone 561-837-9000
Services Available Student workshop


Description of Services

Read, Write, Create: Through afterschool and summer residencies, Teaching Writers and Teaching Artists from Blue Planet Writers’ Room lead literacy-based workshops that integrate creative writing and the arts.

The goals of Read, Write, Create are to:

  • Provide fun and engaging cultural experiences to students in the important afterschool and summer hours
  • Increase students’ interest and skills in reading, creative writing, and the arts
  • Inspire personal, creative expression through writing and the arts
  • Through culminating projects, presentations, and/or performances, provide students with an authentic audience and a beautiful forum that honors their work
  • Reinforce skills in collaboration, listening, creative exploration and experimentation, commitment, self-confidence, and critical thinking
  • Stress the joy of reading, writing and the arts
For one hour, once a week, our teaching artists and writers will share age-appropriate books with their students and lead them in creative writing and arts activities related to those books. This arts-integrated approach taps students’ multiple intelligences and provides a fun and imaginative “way in” to reading and writing. Depending on the artist’s specific field, students will:
  • Write and illustrate stories, poetry and personal narratives
  • Learn to “workshop” their writing as professional writers do
  • Craft handmade books
  • Perform Reader’s Theatre presentations of folktales from various cultures
  • Play drama games
  • Build masks and costume pieces
  • Create maps of real and imagined spaces
  • Interpret stories and poems through movement and dance
  • Paint, collage, take and alter photos, and engage in other visual art activities
Residencies may also be structured to center on an international collaboration, through which students will meet, write, and create with their peers in another country.

As they participate in Read, Write, Create, students will learn to:
  • Write clear, well-structured narratives
  • Increase their vocabulary, precision of word choice, and command of sentence mechanics
  • Offer constructive criticism of each other’s work
  • Increase their ability to understand, predict, and summarize age-appropriate texts
  • Increase their confidence at reading aloud
  • Increase their understanding, skills, and confidence in various art forms, including visual art, dance, and/or theatre
Blue Planet Writers’ Room continually assesses the progress of students and teaching artists and writers by using both formative (ongoing, embedded) and summative (end-of-residency) assessment methods. These include:

  • Thinking Routines—simple, effective “visible learning” protocols developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero
  • Reflective journals in which students record, in art and writing, what they are learning/enjoying/disliking about their workshop experiences
  • Monthly Reflection Sheets from teaching artists/writers, commenting on the progress of teaching and learning in the workshops
  • Observation of workshops by Blue Planet staff and subsequent feedback to teaching artists/writers
  • End-of-residency surveys for students and site personnel
  • End-of-residency teaching artist/writer symposium for analyzing the semester’s work, sharing best practices, and planning refinements and improvements to the program

Grade Level:


Number of Participants:

Min. 8 – Max. 25


Fall or Spring: 12 workshops at 1 hour per workshop over 12 weeks

Summer: 8 workshops at 1 hour per workshop over 8 weeks


Read, Write, Create often serves ESOL students in its workshops, encouraging them to write in both English and their native language.

School-based, Afterschool programs, Out of School Camps


K-5th: R.CCR.1, R.CCR.2, R.CCR.3, R.CCR.4, R.CCR.5, R.CCR.6, R.CCR.7, R.CCR.9, W.CCR.3, W.CCR.4, W.CCR.5, W.CCR.6, W.CCR.9, W.CCR.10, SL.CCR.2, SL.CCR.3, SL.CCR.5, SL.CCR.6, L.CCR.1, L.CCR.2, L.CCR.3, L.CCR.4, L.CCR.5, L.CCR.6

6-8th: R.CCR.1, R.CCR.2, R.CCR.3, R.CCR.4, R.CCR.5, R.CCR.6, R.CCR.7, R.CCR.9, W.CCR.3, W.CCR.4, W.CCR.5, W.CCR.6, W.CCR.9, W.CCR.10, SL.CCR.1, SL.CCR.4, SL.CCR.6, L.CCR.1, L.CCR.2, L.CCR.3, L.CCR.4, L.CCR.5, L.CCR.6


Fall or Spring: $2,400 flat fee; Summer: $1,600 flat fee


Dance, Visual Arts, Theatre, Creative Writing, International Collaboration

Contact: Phone:  561-837-9000


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