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"heART & soul studios mission is to display the creative spirit of individuals with no prerequisite skills, through a collaborative fine art process." Patricia Calamari (1994-present)

The program is a fine art collaborative approach which facilitates self-expression regardless of any physical or cognitive human challenge. It is a concept of working together in harmony for the pure pleasure of the creative process. It is being in that moment, merging together strengths, and overcoming any obstacles, so that in that moment all participating are free. It is the belief that artists are born creative spirits with passion.

It is the hope, that the art which evolves from this process will stand on its own merit, and be exhibited in mainstream venues, while heart & soul studios, seeks to create works of art that will inspire others in their own lives, & bring about a better understanding of humanity.

The educational goal of the service is to:

  • Facilitate the joy of self expression through the fine art process, whereby enhancing one's self esteem and providing a mainstream venue for those not usually seen for artistic abilities.
  • Develop a new voice to communicate through the art experience while discovering various artistic methods and mediums, working together on a joint art piece/project which can enhance self esteem, fine motor skills, socialization and advance community inclusion by showcasing the work in an art exhibition.
  • I use a hands-on approach, exploring with each individual’s own artistic flare and self expression. I provide fine art materials, along with mixed mediums, including found objects, or other devices which help further each student’s artistic expressions.

An indicator of progress is the joyful, active participation of each student during the art process, and their measured fine art outcomes.

The assessment methods used are the art work which evolves from each person's active participation, and to curate their work, which will be exhibited to foster self esteem, mainstream inclusion, as well as to inspire the general public.


Grade Level:


Number of Participants:

Max. 15


Special needs; Juvenile Justice, shelter-based, public housing, at risk, seniors, community-based, school-based, afterschool, summer.


6-12 sessions at 1+ hour per session over 6 weeks (up to 2 per week)


All language arts, social studies and visual arts standards, and all K-5 mathematics standards


$150 per workshop for up to 25 participants


Visual Arts

Contact: Phone:      325-250-3741


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